Health & Safety
On the course

The safety of both green staff and players on the course at Birstall Golf Club is paramount. A golf ball can be extremely dangerous as can adverse weather and ground conditions. When playing the course we ask members and visitors alike to respect the following core safety rules -

Green Staff and Fellow Players
At all times and without exception green staff have priority on the course. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that at no time a shot is undertaken that could in any way endanger a member of the green staff.

Likewise it is the responsibility of the player to ensure he neither endangers the safety of another player or indeed is disrespectful of fellow players by landing a ball in close proximity and thus, for example, disturbing a fellow player about to putt.

If the area a player is aiming for has either a member of the green staff or fellow players in proximity that shot must not be taken under any circumstance.

The Club operates a zero tolerance policy on all matters of course safety.



Regardless of whether the Club Professional has sounded the klaxon for suspension of play it is the responsibility of the player to take appropriate action when there is lightning or the threat of lightning. Common sense dictates play must be suspended if lightning is in the area of the course. In such circumstances it is the player’s responsibility to discontinue play and players should familiarise themselves with the R&A’s rule 6-8 which clearly sets out how players should proceed in these circumstances.

Fog and Ice

Regardless of whether the course has been officially closed or not players have a duty of care when there are adverse weather conditions. This duty of care extends to other players as well as the player himself/herself.

If conditions are foggy you should not play, if the likely landing point of your ball cannot be seen. Likewise in icy conditions players must be extremely mindful of their own safety and also take into account he additional distance a golf ball can travel in icy conditions.

Playing in adverse weather conditions such as those outlined above is dangerous and players do so at their own risk.

Applying Common Sense

Safety on the course is in most cases a matter of common sense and common courtesy. We ask that all members and visitors alike show the appropriate level of respect to the rules which apply at Birstall Golf Club thus ensuring both the safety of green staff and the enhancement of the playing experience at our course.

The above are the rules of the Club and are essential for the safety of everyone.